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"The Planet's Finest": Sao Paulo, Brazil

Quote1.png Solaris has traveled // flown eighteen thousand light-years across the universe to replace you // destroy Superman. Quote2.png

Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1 is an issue of the series Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2021. It was published on January 12, 2021.

Synopsis for "The Planet's Finest"

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wonder Woman saves a politician from death, and then admonishes him about the fact he is not spending the money of the citizens to fix Sao Paulo's streets. She is enraged, and she is also going to tell something to Kuat, the Brazilian god of the Sun, as the incident that made her act was caused by a solar flare, his own responsibility. Kuat lives in a farm, together with his brother Iae, god of the Moon. They were once again worthy of the faith of men, thanks to the actions of Wonder Woman, but Yara was not happy with Kuat's attitude.

They have a brief discussion, but then, when they step out, they see there's...another sun in the sky? Yara knows what it is: Solaris, the tyrant sun, an enemy of Superman. Kuat is enraged: how this sun dares to challenge him, now that he was made a god again? He goes up to face him in a race, and Yara knows things won't turn out good for the people, so she calls for help...

Metropolis, United States of America

It does not take long for Jon to see there are two suns in the sky, and even less to realize they are moving at incredible speeds. He knows one of them is Solaris, and then he receives a call from Midnighter: he informs him of how he can help, and Jon starts his tour around the world to resolve several critical situations. Yara does the same, while the two suns battle in the sky, now making a contest about who is the hottest among them. Jon decides to act, and is able to stall Solaris enough to let the crisis on Earth be stopped. Back on the planet, Jon tries again to recruit Yara back in the Justice League, but she refuses. She is angry because men of power still let the world die, even if they do anything to save it.

As Yara leaves, Jon is ready to make Metropolis know he's there for all its citizens, but when he tries to use his powers, he collapses, maybe for the effect of Solaris' red sun radiations...

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  • Iae (First appearance)
  • Kuat (First appearance)


  • Solaris (First appearance)

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