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"Swamp Thing: Obsidian Sun": New York, the Statue of Liberty

Quote1.png But such is the nature of war. No victors... only violence. Quote2.png
Swamp Thing

Future State: Swamp Thing #1 is an issue of the series Future State: Swamp Thing (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2021. It was published on January 5, 2021.

Synopsis for "Swamp Thing: Obsidian Sun"

New York, the Statue of Liberty

Swamp Thing, the Green Father, is talking to one of his daughters, Calla, about the great war that reformed the planet, and the creatures who started it: the humans, beings of wonder but also of violence. The story of how the planet fought back. As they talk, Indigo comes there, telling Swamp Thing to reveal Calla the truth about himself, if he dares to. Alec's first reaction is to destroy Indigo, but then he changes his mind: he's not worth it. Still, Indigo and Calla both have questions: why the Green Father wants to seek humans out, if they are so full of violence, if they destroy the world?

But then, they see a fire appearing in the buildings of the city: one of their brothers or sisters might be in danger. Another of his sons comes to them, telling all three that Vruk was trapped in the fire, and Heather is trying to free him and save him from death. Heather, how proud Alec was when he saw her running through the woods. His daughter was able to save Vruk, and then the Green Father intervened with his great power, defending them all from the collapse of the buildings around them. He is their father, and he looks after them.

Later that night, the Manhattan Copse

Vruk needs to be replanted in the ground, and will need sun and water to heal. Heather is afraid he won't recover: his roots are weak, and old. Maybe it was too much for him. Heather then asks Swamp Thing if he consulted with the Green again, about humans. He did it, and found out humans were there, but now moved north. Heather tells him she thinks Vruk was damaged by one of the traps of the humans, and so questions Swamp Thing: why does he want to find them? Why not avoid them, if they are destructive and violent?

And Indigo once again intervenes: he asks why do they follow the Green Father, when he wants to stay with the humans? He is the old voice of wisdom, but no one ever listens to him. Heather tells Alec to not pay him attention: they will follow him, whatever his decision might be. And his decision is to go north, where the Green told him it started to snow, searching once again for the humans.

Eighteen miles north of Eureka, Nunavut

Bougan, one of their own, was standing as guard while they were sleeping, when someone killed him. Heather, full of regret, tracked the killer down: it is a human, armed with a spear still bather in Bougan's blood. Heather moves to kill him, but the Green Father stops her: she must not use violence. Humans cannot communicate with them, and see them as monsters: they must show kindness to them, let them see they are not monsters. He will talk with him, while Heather should search food for him.

Getting out of the cave, Heather is shocked: why the Green Father was saving the killer of one of his sons? Why he was even ordering her to find food for him? And Indigo comes and tells her: he warned them all, they will be forgotten once Swamp Thing finds real humans. They are just substitutes. Heather is tired of Indigo talking, and crushes his jaw. Then, she stays while Alec talks with the human, curious to see what she missed about him. This man is called Venen, and tells Swamp Thing he knows who he is: the thing from the swamp.

He was part of a community living in the S.T.A.R. Fortress, north of here. But him, and fifteen others, rebelled against their community, because it was ruled by a dark man, the Undying Man. This man tricked them, telling them they should fight against the world, but in reality using them to bring the Obsidian Sun back. Venen's father discovered his secret, and revealed it to him before being hanged. He escaped, trying to find other humans, or living creatures, to inform them of the danger.

And while he talks with Alec, in the S.T.A.R. Fortress the Undying Man, who is in reality the Floronic Man, Jason Woodrue, is waiting to revive Obsidian, and with him plunge the whole world inside the everlasting dark.

Appearing in "Swamp Thing: Obsidian Sun"

Featured Characters:

  • Swamp Thing (Flashback and main story) (First appearance)

Supporting Characters:

  • Calla (First appearance)
  • Heather (First appearance)
  • Indigo (First appearance)
  • Venen (Flashback and main story) (First appearance)
  • Vruk (First appearance)


  • Floronic Man (Flashback and main story) (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Azcona (Flashback and main story) (Single appearance)
  • Bougan (Appears only as a corpse) (Single appearance)
  • Green Lantern (John Stewart) (Flashback only) (First appearance)
  • Lex Luthor (Flashback only) (First appearance)
  • Nabu (Flashback only) (Single appearance)
  • Obsidian (First appearance)
  • Venen's father (Dies in flashback) (Single appearance)




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