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Fuzzy the Krypto Mouse was a brief ally of Superboy.

Young Tommy Ewell of Smallville owned many pets, one of which was a trained mouse he named Fuzzy. Tommy's parents however felt that his obsession with animals was unhealthy and forced him to give away all of his pets. He released Fuzzy into a field and said goodbye.

Not long after, Fuzzy scrambled into the laboratory of a local scientist named Professor Egglehead. The Professor had been working on an experimental device designed to atomically penetrate a sample of Green Kryptonite. Egglehead inadvertently pulled an incorrect lever, and his experiment began to malfunction. Fuzzy ran into the path of the Professor's Atomic Krypton Ray, and the resulting radiation bequeathed him with super-strength and invulnerability.

Fuzzy ran out of the laboratory and back towards Tommy Ewell's house. That evening, he appeared in Tommy's room standing nearly five-feet-tall on his hind legs. Tommy was amazed to see Fuzzy performing incredible feats of strength, such as handling red-hot coals and lifting a grand piano above his head. Tommy decided that Fuzzy had the makings of a super-hero and named him Krypto Mouse. He gave him a Superboy Halloween costume to wear, and sent him off to seek his fortune.

Possessing all of the same abilities as Superboy, Krypto Mouse flew off into the night. Using his x-ray vision, he spied a local nightclub known as the Black Cat. As cats are the natural enemies of mice, Fuzzy raced over to the club and tore through the lounge's shingle with his super-paws. Krypto Mouse moved so quickly that witnesses only caught sight of a red and blue blur. Naturally, they believed that their very own hometown hero, Superboy, was responsible for vandalizing the nightclub sign. News of the incident soon got back to Superboy and he immediately began investigating the strange occurrence.

A day later, Krypto Mouse struck again. Several Smallville students conducted a parade through the city streets. The theme of their parade involved the story of the Pied Piper and several students dressed up in mouse costumes. As luck would have it, a criminal named Louie the "Rat", on the run from the mob decided to hide by disguising himself as one of the parading mice. A gangster named Trigger learned of Louie's plan and tried to shoot him. However, he mistook Krypto Mouse for Louie and opened fire on him. When bullets failed to bring Krypto Mouse down, Trigger tried dropping a boulder onto him from the roof of a nearby building. The rock exploded into dust after landing on Krypto Mouse's impervious head. Superboy arrived and apprehended Trigger and his men, but Krypto Mouse scampered off during the melee.

The following day, Superboy offered to assist a cargo ship transporting barrels full of perishable goods. He grabbed each barrel in turn and tossed it towards the shoreline. Miles away, Krypto Mouse witnessed the incident with his telescopic vision. He flew out to the beachhead and retrieved the barrels off of the beach. The barrels were filled with rolls of cheese, and Krypto Mouse cracked each one open, consuming their contents. Superboy eventually arrived on the shore to discover that the barrels he had just thrown were missing. Moments later, he discovered the perpetrator of this mystery – Krypto Mouse. Krypto Mouse flew off back towards Smallville before Superboy could interrogate him.

Back in Smallville, Superboy barely avoided accidentally exposing his secret identity to Lana Lang. Lana had been walking along a footpath while Superboy was changing his clothes, but fortunately for the boy of steel, Lana's attention was diverted by an even more bizarre sight – Krypto Mouse. Lana thought that some bizarre accident had transformed Superboy into a mouse and she ran away screaming. Through no fault of his own, Krypto Mouse actually helped protect Superboy's secret identity.

As day turned to evening, the effects of Professor Egglehead's atomic Krypton ray wore off, and Krypto Mouse transformed back into Fuzzy. Tommy Ewell's parents decided to let him keep Fuzzy as a pet after all.


For forty-eight hours, Fuzzy possessed all of the same super-powers as Superboy. These powers included super-strength, flight, invulnerability, x-ray vision, heat-vision and telescopic vision.

  • This version of Krypto Mouse, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths event and later restored following the rebirth of the infinite Multiverse during the Dark Crisis of 2022-2023. Even though other versions of the character may have appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • Due to the natural lifespan of a mouse, it is reasonable to assume that Fuzzy died of old age between the time that Clark Kent adventured as Superboy and his adult career as Superman.



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