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Quote1.png I used to be a regular mouse... getting chased by cats like you all the time! But not anymore! Now, I'm super! Quote2.png
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Fuzzy is a pet formerly belonging to Lex Luthor, betraying his master after receiving a portion of Krypto's superpowers.


Lex Luthor created a device that could absorb the powers of Kryptonians. The device ended up taking the powers of Krypto into his warsuit, but due to his proximity, Fuzzy also took some of his powers. Luthor went to confront the Superman Family, being defeated and being apprehended by Fuzzy. Since Fuzzy helped them, they allowed Fuzzy to keep his powers and join them.[1] He took on a costume similar to Superman's Costume and started calling himself "Krypto Mouse," in honor of yhe dog who gave him his powers.[2]




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