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G'hu is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


G'hu was a prison guard on Takron-Galtos when he was captured by the inmates and used as a hostage to negotiate their release. By the time the guards were able to free him, they found he had already taken down the inmates who were holding him and was just waiting for them to open the door.

Green Lantern Corps

G'hu is a confident, able officer in the Green Lantern Corps, and Salakk has taken a personal interest in his movement through the ranks, though he sent G'hu to combat reorientation after he failed to prevent Green Lantern Honor Guard Guy Gardner from disturbing the Guardians of the Universe. As well, Sciencell Warden Voz is currently attempting to recruit him as the head guard of the Sciencells. G'hu has been partnered with Harvid, upon the older Lantern's re-enlistment and return from retirement.


  • Alien Physiology: He has tripod-like feet, and his head is capped by a muscular, organic crown that trails down into four prehensile "braid-tails," each of which ends in a sharp, powerful spike.





  • Energy constructs frequently resemble items from his prison-guard past: cages, restraints, guard weaponry, etc.


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