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G'nort Esplanade Gneesmacher was a member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League International.

G'nort (along with his uncle G'newmann) initially received his power ring from Poglachians, who were posing as the Guardians of the Universe while the real Guardians were with the Zamarons. This was part of a Poglachian/Weaponers of Qward plot to arm incompetents with Green Lantern power rings; the Poglachians wanted to cause amusing chaos, while the Weaponers wanted to discredit the Green Lantern Corps. Despite the initial origin of his ring, after the plot was uncovered, Guy Gardner, against his better judgment, nominated G'nort for genuine Corps membership.[1]

G'nort often pestered the Justice League to let him join (or at least help with the latest threat to Earth) or battled wholly unintimidating "threats" to peace and order. In one effort to help the Justice League, he encountered what would become his arch-enemy, the (equally incompetent) Scarlet Skier.[2] He later befriended the Scarlet Skier and even brought the Scarlet Skier along when Maxwell Lord founded Justice League Antarctica in an effort to get both G'nort and the unwillingly-heroic Injustice League out of his way.[3]

He also joined many other former Green Lanterns in joining the Darkstars. He was unsuccessfully ransomed off by Manga Khan to Maxwell Lord in exchange for L-Ron. G'nort was last seen as the sole member of Super Buddies Antarctica. The Green Lantern Corps lists him as missing, presumed deceased.[4]

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This history is continued in The New 52 at G'nort (Prime Earth).
The DC Universe was rebooted in 2011 as part of the Flashpoint event. This was an attempt to simplify continuity, and make DC Comics more accessible to new readers. Prior to this, mainstream comics took place in New Earth continuity since the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985. The continuity established following Flashpoint is Prime Earth.







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