"Haunted Tank: "Battle Origin of the Haunted Tank!"": After surviving a fierce battle with a Panzer tank where Lt. Jeb Stuart was blown out of the hatch by a luck shot, the other crewmembers of the Haunted Tank bring Jeb to the nearest field hospital. Jeb is suffering from a concussion, and is r

Quote1 You heard what I said! A ghost is the guardian of my M-3 Stuart tank! What ghost? Who else but the ghost of General J.E.B. Stuart-- the world-famous Confederate cavalry genius-- would haunt the tank bearing his name-- and commanded by a T.C. bearing his name, too-- Lt. Jeb Stuart! That's me! Yeah! That's what I said! I'm in command of the only haunted tank in the world! Quote2
Jeb Stuart

G.I. Combat #114 is an issue of the series G.I. Combat (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1965.

Appearing in Haunted Tank: "Battle Origin of the Haunted Tank!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • German Tank Commander (Flashback only)
  • German Artillery soldiers (Flashback only)

Other Characters:



  • The Haunted Tank
  • German Junkers Ju 87 ground-attack aircraft
  • American PT boat
  • Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B

Synopsis for Haunted Tank: "Battle Origin of the Haunted Tank!"

After surviving a fierce battle with a Panzer tank where Lt. Jeb Stuart was blown out of the hatch by a luck shot, the other crewmembers of the Haunted Tank bring Jeb to the nearest field hospital. Jeb is suffering from a concussion, and is ranting on about how the ghost of his ancestor General J.E.B. Stuart haunts the little M3 Stuart tank they've been assigned to. The others don't believe him, and Jeb pleads with the General to explain to both the doctor and his crewmates how he came to appear before him. The General agrees...

It all started in the shadowy place where all fighting men go after leaving the mortal coil. The senior officer, Alexander the Great, was briefing the other soldiers of history. While all the other great military leaders had chosen them men that they would guard over through time, General J.E.B. Stuart had remained quiet. He explains to Alexander that he is a cavalryman, but there are no cavalry in this second World War. Alexander reminds him that he has forgotten about the mechanized cavalry-- the tanks. General Stuart believes his help is no longer needed in this new war, but Alexander goes on to show him one specific battle near the beginning of the war in Africa.

On a PT boat heading towards the shores of Africa, a M3 Stuart tank commanded by Lt. Jeb Stuart is attacked by a German fighter plane. While everyone else on board the PT boats took cover, Lt. Stuart and his crew remained at their tank to fight the enemy in the air. They were inexperienced, but held their ground waiting for the plane to come into their sights on the next pass. One perfect shot, and the plane is destroyed. However, their PT boat had taken a hit and was quickly sinking. Jeb and the others are forced to abandon their tank to its watery grave. The four men swim to shore to join the others in the battle. They find a tank whose crew had been killed in battle, and quickly take their place to join the others tanks in the fight. Rick tries to elevate the cannon high enough to take a good shot at the planes overhead, but end up just wasting the ammunition. Jeb orders Slim to take the tank high up atop a nearby sand dune, which finally gives them the elevation needed to take a proper shot. The plane is hit, but comes down crashing into their tank. Both vehicles explodes into a fiery wreck. Jeb and the others get out just in time, but have lost their second tank.

Now without transportation, the four begin to walk out into the desert. Before long, they are spotted by the crew of a German Panzer tank. The German officer orders his men to fire upon the American crew, hoping that they will turn around and lead them back to the American lines. The Panzer follows a short distance behind. Now running out of water, Jeb and the guys spot what they think is an oasis, but when they get there they find only a mirage and more sand. Jeb orders the others to keep going in the opposite direction of the American lines, leading the Panzer away from the fight. General J.E.B. Stuart, who had been watching over them the entire time, makes the final decision to help the weary and parched crew. The Germans watch as Jeb and his men head towards what looks to be another mirage, but turns out to be a fully stocked and loaded M3 Stuart tank waiting for them. They climb aboard and appear out of the desert haze to fire onto the Panzer tank, destroying them. Now safe from the enemy, Jeb watches as the ghost of the General appears before him for the first time.

Back at the field hospital, Jeb suddenly jumps out of the cot and orders him men to mount their tank and ready for battle. The doctor tells the others that Jeb's insane and that that they should tie him down, but Jeb's men refuse to disobey a direct order from their lieutenant. The Haunted Tank heads out into the surrounding woods, where they take position under a nearby waterfall out of sight. Twenty minutes later, they spot a Panzer passing by heading in the direction of the field hospital. They emerge from the waterfall and destroy the Panzer before it has a chance to attack. As they head back to their Squadron's HQ, Jeb tells the General that he wishes the others could see him as well, but the General is happy with just Jeb being able to and then fades away.

Appearing in "My Witness-- The Enemy!"

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Synopsis for "My Witness-- The Enemy!"

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