Having tired of the Authority for interfering with Earth's affairs, as well as for reasons of self-interest, the G-7 nations (the United States of America, Canada, France, Britain, Japan, Germany, and Italy) established a new Authority with each member representing each of their respecting nations and under their orders.


In removing the current Authority, the United States have Seth Cowie incapacitate each member of the Authority (except for Midnighter, who escapes), causing the team's Carrier to crash into Antarctica, allowing the G-7 Authority to commandeer the interdimensional vehicle.

Following this, Jack Hawksmoor, the Engineer, the Doctor and Swift are brainwashed and placed in the most humiliating lives. Apollo is placed in a dark room cut off from the sunlight and powers him, and tortured by Last Call and Teuton, and Midnighter has gone into hiding. The public, however, is told that the team died from self-intoxication, which is what caused the Carrier's crash into the Antarctic.

In their initial role as "superheroes" the G-7 Authority are abusive and morally corrupt. They are allowed to dump the bodies of the Carrier's Southeast Asian refugees, who were mostly killed in the crash in Antarctica, into the interdimensional Re-Space. Unfortunately, their misdeeds inadvertently begin a series of events that cause all of Earth's top one percent richest nations turning into starving third world countries. Eventually the Colonel, the British member of the G7 Authority, manages to restore the world's status quo and officially saves the world.

Immediately afterwards, the G-7 Authority and their respective nations start to utilize their roles in promoting and protecting their self-interests, such as adorning the Carrier with advertisements, having the Surgeon (the teams' French member) ruthlessly establish a development franchise in the Garden of Ancestral Memory (including eliminating the Garden's entities and replacing them with a 'corporate' god "Religimon"), and utilizing the Carrier to search for natural resources in other dimensions.

Despite their mandate as a team, the members of the G-7 Authority constantly bicker amongst themselves, the foulmouthed and bigoted Colonel being the cause of much of the antagonism.

Eventually the G-7 Authority comes to a gruesome end after Midnighter infiltrates the Carrier, frees Apollo, and easily killing every member of the team.[1]

After the G-7 Authority's deaths and Seth Cowie's unsettling fate, Swift's decapitates the businessman to whom she was forcibly married after being brainwashed, and the American president, responsible for Seth's creation, is forcefully sent into Iraq and killed.[2][3]


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