"Pit Bull" Brady was a friend of Prodigal Holden Carver.

Gabriel and his brother Teddy were orphaned at an early age when their parents and 14 other people were killed by a lunatic in a supermarket. The two were shuffled through the foster care system until being taken to live with an old man named Dan who raised pit bulls. One night, Dan took the brothers to a nightly pit bull fight and made Teddy fight one after he started to cry. Teddy was killed. Sometime later, Gabriel developed superhuman abilities.

Gabriel 'Pit Bull' Brady was later brought into Tao's criminal organization. With Genocide Jones and Holden Carver, he was part of the failed mission to abduct Jeffers Nilsun and implicate the Russians for the kidnapping. After the mission went south and the three fled, Pit Bull later abducted the husband of Veronica St. James thinking it would endear himself to Holden. He got beaten half to death for his trouble.

Following Genocide Jones' death, Pit Bull is often teamed-up with Blackwolf, a replacement for Jones, and becoming known as the Hounds. After Armageddon, Pit Bull is still active in the Syndicate and alongside with Blackwolf.




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