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Gabe Sullivan is the father of Chloe Sullivan.

In the 1980's, Gabe Sullivan married Moira Sullivan. Together they had a daughter, in 1987.[1] Their marriage ended in divorce, after Moira was committed to a mental hospital, in 1995.[2]

In 2000, Gabe got a job as a LuthorCorp plant manager and moved to Smallville.[3]

In the fall of 2001, while Chloe's class was on a field trip to the plant, Gabe found himself in the middle of a hostage situation. Thanks to Lex Luthor and Clark Kent, Gabe, his daughter and everyone else made it out alive.[4] However, the problems that Gabe would face in Smallville had only begun.

A few months after the hostage situation, Chloe was kidnapped by Gary Watts.[3] Shortly afterwards, Lionel Luthor announced that the Smallville plant would be shut down. However, Gabe and some of the other plant employees teamed up with Lex and saved the plant, by starting LexCorp.[5][6]

In early 2004, Gabe found himself fired and blacklisted, because of the actions taken by his daughter.[7][8] A few months later, he was nearly killed, after Chloe's investigations into Lionel had revealed that he had killed his parents and both Gabe and Chloe had to be taken into protective custody by the FBI.[9]

However, Lex had arranged to get both Gabe and Chloe out of the safe house before it blew up. Gabe spent the next three months under the protection of Lex, until Chloe could testify at Lionel's trial.[10] Afterwards, Gabe and Chloe moved into a tiny apartment in Smallville.[11] Gabe passed away prior to 2008.[12][13]

  • Gabe Sullivan was born in 1961.[10]
  • Apart from a flashback in "Progeny", Gabe wasn't mentioned or appeared after season 4. During a season 8 interview with KryptonSite, Al Septien revealed that Gabe had died.[13] It is unknown when it happened. He was absent from Chloe's graduation nor mentioned during the evacuation of Smallville.[14] Furthermore, in "Hidden", Chloe's shown to have been living with Lana at the Talon.[15] Whereas "Recruit" had established that Gabe and Chloe shared an apartment.[11]