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Halo is a light-powered superhero and member of The Team. Originally a Quraci girl named Gabrielle Daou, she was murdered and inhabited by a Mother Box. Since then, they have become a hero and taken the civilian alias Violet Harper.

Gabrielle Daou was a refugee Quraci girl who worked at the castle of the Markovian Royal Family. She accepted a bribe to allow in the killer who killed King Viktor and Queen Ilona. She was then captured as a means to erase any evidence. While captured, Gabrielle was tested for the Meta-Gene but her results were negative. The captors then killed Gabrielle through an overdose of morphine and her body was to be buried with several other dead teenagers.

A Mother Box fused with their corpse and Gabrielle was resurrected with incredible powers tied to their colorful aura. Amnesiac and no longer recognizing herself as Gabrielle Daou, they adopted the name Violet Harper suggested by their then future boyfriend Prince Brion Markov, in reference to the violet color of their aura and Will Harper.

As Gabrielle's memories returned, Violet felt guilty about the events that led to the murder of Brion and Tara's parents, which drove them away from their boyfriend.

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  • Altered DNA Physiology: Halo's physiology was altered because it was fused to a Mother Box. It is uncertain whether one or more of her powers existed before this merger.
    • Aura generation
      • Violet: With the violet aura, Halo is able to heal theirself and others.
        • Regeneration: With the same power, they can recreate living tissue.
        • Resurrection: At a higher level of violet aura power, Halo has the power to come back to life as well as resurrect other living beings as long as there is still some trace of vital energy.
      • Red: With the red aura, Halo can create a force field.
      • Orange: With the orange aura, Halo has the power to fly.
      • Yellow: With the yellow aura, Halo can generate energy blasts.
      • Green: With the green aura, Halo creates holograms.
      • Blue: With the blue aura, Halo can produce a blinding bright flash.
      • Indigo: With the indigo aura, Halo is able to open a Boom Tube.
      • "Rainbow Power": After being repolarized by an X-Pit, Halo managed to unlock all of their auras, becoming able to use them all in concert. When they does so, they emanates an aura with the cascading colors of her different auras from red to violet, giving an appearance of a rainbow.


Other Characteristics

  • Dual Personality: Because of the merger with the Mother Box, Halo struggles with her for control of her actions, emotions, thoughts and decisions.
  • Memory Loss (Formerly)


  • At first Halo/Violet Harper does not know whether they feel like a girl or a boy inside.[1] They are, technically, a genderless manifestation of the Source (culturally assigned female form), trapped in the shell of a deceased human female. They were consistently referred to with feminine pronouns and has not expressed any other preferences in that regard, nor has she explicitly identified as non-binary.
    • Currently, Halo has reached a point in their journey where, despite having no problem with "she" or "her", they think "they" and "their" fit better, feeling that their true gender is non-binary.[2]
  • Harper Row considered Violet her best friend.[3]
  • Violet dated Geo-Force once, and now they're dating Harper Row.[4]


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