Captain Gabi Kane is the mother of Kate Kane who later became Batwoman. Gabi Kane was a Captain with the USAF Security Forces. She met and married another soldier Jacob Kane. Both Kanes worked extensively with military intelligence services.

Gabi and Jakob had identical twin daughters Kate Kane and Elizabeth Kane. The couple liked to bring their family with him and they moved to a wide variety of towns and bases. Her husband was often away from home.

The Kanes family moved to Brussels in Belgium, since the parents were now serving at NATO. The family however were torn apart due to a terrorist attack. Gabi was taking her daughters for the day, they were kidnapped by heavily armed men. Military intelligence eventually located the hostages and Jacob was put in charge of the tactical unit that was sent to resuce them. However they were too late as Gabi had been executed along with Elizabeth. Jacob rescued Kate himself, but she was traumatised by the sight of her dead mother and sister.[1]



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