Gaia was a pretty, red-headed, eight-year-old girl with braces and a pet goldfish named Chester. Other than Jenny Quantum, she's the first recognized Century Baby of the New Millennium, born wired into the natural world in ways no one could fathom and whose purpose was meant to be an intermediary between the planet and people, the physical form of the Gaia hypothesis. Only daughter of a previously childless couple, its speculated she's actually a physical manifestation of the earth.

Due to the damages to the world turning 'psychotic' - weather patterns, magnetic fields, storms, seasons, tides, temperature - which dragged Gaia screaming down with it, she ran and hid and buried herself in the safest place she knew. She became a force of nature.

As Gaia wondered across the planet, she was met by the Doctor (Habib Bin Hassan), who was also fleeing from the screams of the planet. The Doctor was drawn to Gaia by the voice of the land, and force her to be under his command and she was turned into an island in northern Britain. Her powers were siphoned into the Doctor in order for him to punish humanity for the cause of Earth's cataclysmic condition. Fearing him, Gaia sought help from others via astral projection and was led to Apollo of The Authority. However, she find him in his Incubite state being controlled by The Burn. But beneath him, Gaia sensed his lingering love for Midnighter, which she then came to him for help in return for curing Apollo. After Midnighter traveled to where Gaia's island form and was captured by the Doctor, Gaia personally met Midnighter and contacted the Authority in stopping Habib. Gaia was then freed from the Doctor's control and in promise to her words, gives Midnighter an apple that is imbued with the cure to Apollo's infection.[1]

Gaia later attempted to heal the fallen Doctor whose body and soul resided in a limbo-like realm, where she had been rendered insane by her passage through dimensions. She was founded by the sorcerer Jeremiah Cain, who easily manipulated her to his will. Under Cain's thrall, Gaia was used as a conduit to channel Earth's magical energies, including from the Garden of Ancestral Memory, to Cain for his supposed intentions to save the universe by destroying the planet. She was then summoned by Cain in fighting against Earth's heroes from interfering the sorcerer's plans.[2][3]


  • Immortality: She was born "with the century" - on the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve of 2000. Normally as a Century Baby grows they displayed certain superhuman abilities and skills, as well as immortality (not aging beyond her 20's). In Gaia's case she displayed her powers at an early age, wheres her previous incarnations only developed their abilities at 19. As with all Century Babies, It has been theorized that they act as an immune system for the planet, her very existence protecting Earth. As such she supposedly represents an aspect of the century into which she is born.
    • Decelerated Aging: Additionally, she stopped aging at nineteen and will most likely remain this way until her death. She is assumed to have at least a 100 year lifespan, not aging anymore at adulthood.
  • Geokinesis: Physical manifestation of the earth. An intermediary between the planet and its people to ensure the mistakes of the past aren't repeated. Its within her power to save the world. She could reverse global warming or make famine a thing of history. She can become a living force of nature, a creature of plant life.



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