Gaius was a stranded alien and ally of the Justice League International.

An alien of unspecified race, Gaius' immense powers were manipulated and abused by his cruel family, who forced him to commit terrible atrocities. Appalled by his actions, he fled from them, disguising his appearance and hiding on Earth, where the guilt of his actions shocked his system into shutting down entirely, responding only to direct commands by carrying out the requested actions immediately and without thinking. He encountered members of Justice League International and his powerful body was temporarily inhabited by Erewhon. Before long, his family found him on Earth. This caused him to regain full sensibility and he allied himself with the heroes of the Justice League against them. He left Earth with his defeated family, vowing to use his powers to reform his family.


Gaius' powers appear to be essentially unlimited, able to do almost anything imaginable.



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