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In one of his many schemes to destroy Superman, Lex Luthor decided to create an artificial entity powerful enough to crush the Man of Steel with physical might. Inspired by the Hebrew legend of the Golem, Luthor forged a golem of his very own by collecting matter from the heart of the universe, molding it into a humanoid form, and giving it life and consciousness. Dubbing his creation the Galactic Golem, Luthor realized that the Golem had an instinctive need to consume hyperstellar energy and determined that it would pursue and destroy anything imbued with it in order to fulfill this desire.

Using this discovery to his advantage, Luthor blasted Superman with hyperstellar energy unbeknownst to him from afar, setting the Golem on the path towards the Man of Steel's obliteration. Due to being powered by every star in the night sky, including red ones that would sap Superman's strength, whereas Superman only derived his power from the Sun, the Galactic Golem proved to be more than a match for Superman. However, Superman noticed that the galaxy-like marking on the Golem's head might be a weak spot and struck it, causing Earth's entire population, save for Luthor and the Golem themselves, to disappear. For a brief time, Luthor believed that he himself have destroyed the human race, only to be confronted by the Galactic Golem in his own laboratory. The Golem wanted to consume Luthor's hyperstellar energy cannon and was willing to annihilate anything and anyone that got in the way. Just then, Superman arrived to stop the Golem, and Luthor fired his cannon's entire energy supply into outer space in order to keep the monster at bay. It was then revealed that Superman realized that a massive explosion might occur if he struck the Golem's "weak spot" and so used the unique radiation emissions of the Golem's body to intensify his own vibrational frequency at the same moment he threw his punch, sending everyone else on Earth except for Luthor, who was protected in his lab by a force field, and the Golem into a parallel universe. However, Superman missed the Golem's forehead marking due to being blinded by its luminescence, sending him for a short time to the other universe until he managed to bring the Earth's populace back to where they belong.[1]

For a time after this, the Galactic Golem wandered aimlessly through space, his threat to Earth neutralized. During this time, the Golem would become inert due to a dearth of his preferred energy source to consume and was eventually retrieved by aliens whilst encased in a layer of space debris. The aliens freed the encrusted Golem, in the process chiseling some of his features to make him more human in appearance, and restored him to sentient life with an energy infusion. The Golem, now possessed inexplicably of higher and more human-level intelligence than before, repaid his saviors by ransacking their facilities in search of more hyperstellar energy. Fortunately, the aliens reacted quickly enough to the creature's threat by doing the same as Lex Luthor had in the past and firing a stream of energy into a cluster of meteoroids. After another extended period of hurtling through space, the Galactic Golem returned to Earth when that planet proved by happenstance to be the meteorites' final destination. Shortly after finishing his feast on the cosmic radiance of the meteorites, which involved a break-in at a S.T.A.R. Labs building, the Golem proceeded to seek out Superman again for annihilation, possibly to consume traces of hyperstellar energy in his body but more likely just out of vengeful spite. The Galactic Golem entered into a battle with Superman that took them to the Fortress of Solitude and Earth's Magnetic North Pole. Upon tricking the Golem into releasing its entire internal supply of hyperstellar energy, Superman coated the creature in molten iron and nickel. Immobilized in this state by Earth's magnetic field, the Galactic Golem would be trapped in his metallic shell forever more.[2]


Being powered by every star in the cosmos, including red ones whose radiation would sap Superman's power, the Galactic Golem was more powerful than Superman, who was only powered by Earth's yellow Sun under normal circumstances, and other Kryptonian-strength-level beings by a factor of incalculable numerical measure, making him unquestionably one of the most fearsome entities to ever exist in any reality. Even still, the Golem's power depended on his internal supply of hyperstellar energy. Theoretically, the Golem's power was of a magnitude far beyond Superman's at maximum energy levels, but the Golem's power could be reduced greatly as his energy levels depleted.[3]

  • Superhuman Strength: Even at base power levels, the Galactic Golem's strength was such that he could effortlessly overpower Superman with his raw physical might.[1]
  • Invulnerability: The Galactic Golem's durability was as impressive as his physical power, even at base power levels. He withstood Superman's "most powerful blow" without even wincing.[1]
  • Superhuman Stamina[1]
  • Energy Projection: The Galactic Golem could project bolts of interstellar force from his appendages or infuse objects with this force in order to melt them down into molten, energy-packed projectiles. While Superman appeared to be capable of shrugging the Golem's energy attacks off at lower power levels, they had a very visible and painful effect on Superman as the Golem's energy levels continued to increase over time.[1]
  • Flight[1]


  • Dependency: The Galactic Golem depended on the absorption of hyperstellar energy extracted from the center of the cosmos itself to maintain his continued existence. To the end of obtaining it, the Golem would lumber implacably towards any available source of it, offhandedly smashing anything and anyone who would stand in his way. Without a supply of interstellar energy to animate him, the Golem would revert to his original state, a lifeless collection of primordial matter.[1] The Golem's powers were also correlated in effectiveness and intensity to the abundance of his internalized energy stores. Moreover, while the Golem's power was thus theoretically limitless as long as a continuous stream of energy was provided, the Golem's power was limited in practice by the reality of the fact that both time and the overexertion of this power would deplete the Golem's energy supply to nothing without replenishment, at which point the Golem would lose his powers and become inactive.[3]
  • This version of Galactic Golem, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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