Untold ages ago, Daxam was invaded by an alien race which sought to enslave the Daxamite people. However, a brilliant scientist, whose name was lost to time, created the Galactic Golem, a gargantuan humanoid weapon of mass destruction, to repulse the invaders from Daxam and defend his people and planet from any other future incursions. Despite the legendary nature of the Golem, there are only scant references to it in Daxamite historical records. More recently, Daxam's Priest-Elders plunged their civilization into a new dark age, systematically purging all those they deemed heretics among their people. Arriving on Earth amidst a clash between Superman and the villainous Paragon, the Priest-Elders demanded the return of Mon-El, whom they considered a heretic, and perceived Superman's attempt to explain Mon-El's lead poisoning and confinement in the Phantom Zone as defiance. When Paragon used a machine gun to give the Priest-Elders themselves lead poisoning for attacking him, they fled and, preferring death over being helped by the "heretic" Superman, unleashed the Galactic Golem to drain the life-force from the Earth as vengeance. After being informed of the Golem's origin and weaknesses by Mon-El, Superman destroyed the monstrosity by shattering the miniature planetoid mass representing Daxam within its forehead.




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