Galena Golovin was a Russian special forces soldier and member of Stormwatch Team Achilles.

Galena Golovin was an Winter Olympics Gold Medal winner in the biathlon in the 1980s. She seems to have spent most of her military career as a Spetznaz elite commando, and proved herself in the field in Chechnya by succeeding in several difficult missions to sanction enemy leaders. If her file was selected for the same reasons as other Team Achilles members, her past probably includes an hostile encounter (or several encounters) with hostile superhumans.

Galena was called into action three weeks before the new UN Stormwatch unit was to become active - her commander, Benito Santini, requested her on active duty as the UN building was under siege. After establishing that the Englishman, Charles Pinckney, she had met at the hotel the previous evening and was sleeping with also happened to be her future spotter, she liberated hardware from StormWatch stocks and killed the two super-terrorists outside.

Golovin and her spotter, Charles Pinckney, have continued their relationship after StormWatch became active. The sniper team has been very successful, and has managed to survive all engagements.




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