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The Gang was a group of four enemies of Supergirl working for the Council


The four members of the Gang were friends while growing up in the impoverished streets of Chicago's South Side. They were willing to commit crimes as a means of escaping from their neighborhood, but they didn't want to end up jailed or worse. So they formed "The Gang", laying out a series of rules and lines to not cross (such as killing), and each one developed their personal talents: Brains studied hard, Ms. Mesmer learned hypnotism and Kong and Bulldozer worked out. They kept themselves in their clubhouse's basement until they were ready, and associated with Lester Adams, a member of the Council.

Their first job-for-hire was stealing an experimental satellite at the Chicago Aerospace Technology Show. Supergirl showed up as they were taking the device away, but Ms. Mesmer's hypnotic suggestions kept her at bay while the Gang ran away.

The Gang clashed several more times with Supergirl until she managed to put them away.

Years later, Bill MacIntyre, AKA Triumph, the forgotten Justice League founder, attempted to pawn off items that he stole the JLA trophy room to the Gang. Displeased with the washed-up ex-hero's offering, the Gang prepared to put MacIntyre out of his misery when he called upon the Badhnisian thunderbolt Lkz to save him. Materializing in the room in a burst of electricity, Lkz fried the members of the Gang (sans the absent Ms. Mesmer) to cinders.

In spite of that permanent-seeming end, the Gang later appeared alive and well, being interrogated by Supergirl for information on Cat Grant.

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  • It is unknown how much of the Gang's history is canonical, Post-Crisis, with the erasure of the Pre-Crisis history of Supergirl. By inference, we may conjecture that Power Girl was retroactively substituted into the post-Crisis version of events, just as with the other pre-Crisis Supergirl villains Reactron and Psi.

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