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Quote1 HELP WANTED. Looking for a few brassy lassies willing to make the world a better place, take a bite out of crime, and b a part of something bigger than themselves... There will be no background check, as experience with insubordinance will only work to your advantage in the hiring process. Quote2
Harley Quinnsrc

The Gang of Harleys is a gang. Of Harleys. The team helps Harley Quinn clean up Brooklyn.


Tired from the stress of her hectic daily life and noticing the bad state which Brooklyn is in, Harley Quinn decides to recruit some local girls to assist her in cleaning up the city - and allowing her to have some time to herself.[1]

After talking with Poison Ivy Harley sends out an advert to recruit her twelve members. After receiving over eighty applicants Harley whittles them down to a mildly more manageable number but still too many remain; rather than re-interview them she decides to turn off the lights and, after two minutes, whomever remains standing is in.[2]

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