The Gangland Guardians were a team of super criminals from Gotham City, whose main purpose was to save Batman's life. The leader of the organization was The Penguin, who was informed about the attempts of The West Coast Crime Syndicate to break into Gotham by eliminating Batman. Knowing that once the Dark Knight was taken out, the super criminals would follow, Penguin called several notorious criminals who have had past encounters with Batman and told them about the incoming danger. Penguin and the others saved Batman from a certain death, until the rival criminals dropped their efforts and Penguin decided to dissolve the team.

However, Penguin's actions during the whole event were manipulated by Mister Esper, who was the connection between Gotham City and the Crime Syndicate. Esper was responsible for luring Batman into the traps, but his ego prevented him from letting the hero die and instead, he mentally recruited Penguin and the others to save the Caped Crusader.

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