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Ganthet, as a member of the Guardians, expresses concerns that Superman and his Regime threaten freedom and will on Earth and in neighboring planets. After the disappearance of Kyle Rayner, Ganthet suggests sending Green Lanterns to Earth in order to investigate both Rayner's disappearance and Superman's rise in power.

He and along with several members of the Green Lantern Corps traveled to Earth where he confronted Superman and advised him of stopping his tyrannical reign, stating that the people of Earth must be allowed to follow their own path without interference. But when Superman asked if this how the Guardians left Krypton to its own independence and inevitable destruction without help from the Guardians, Ganthet was completely silent on the matter until stating that the people of Krypton doomed themselves. His answer enraged Superman, who called out on the Guardians' responsibility after choosing to doom Krypton, and demanded Ganthet to leave Earth. Seeing that there is no hope of convincing Superman, Ganthet ordered all Earth-based Green Lanterns to leave Earth.

Upon returning to Oa, Ganthet and the Guardians considered dispatching the Green Lantern Corps to apprehend Superman. Soon after Ganthet caught Hal Jordan, who strongly supported Superman's actions, in the act tried to warn Superman and imprisoned him. But Jordan would later escape. When Earth disappeared from the Guardians' gaze, Ganthet and the Guardians were warned by Guy Gardner of Superman's new alliance with the Sinestro Corps, who had found the means of hiding Earth from the Guardians. Realizing the urgency, Ganthet accompanied the Green Lantern Corps to battle Superman, Sinestro, and a renegade Hal Jordan. Ganthet rejected the very latter of his power ring for being unworthy; however, this resulted in Jordan becoming a member of the Sinestro Corps.





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