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Gardner Fox (b. May 20, 1911 – d.December 24, 1986) was a writer.

Personal History

Gardner Francis Fox (May 20th, 1911 - December 24th, 1986) was considered one of the most innovative and pioneering comic strip creators in the entire industry. In addition to creating dozens of characters and writing hundreds of story scripts, Gardner is mostly widely recognized for creating two of the most famous super-hero teams of all time: The Justice Society of America and their successors, the Justice League of America. Gardner passed away on Christmas Eve, 1986 from natural causes.

Work History


  • Roy Thomas memorialized Gardner Fox in a one-page biography, on the back of the front cover of Young All-Stars #2.
  • Green Lantern Guy Gardner is named after Gardner Fox and fan Guy H. Lillian III.

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