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Garfield Logan or Changeling was a member of the Teen Titans.

Similarly to his main counterpart, Logan joined the Teen Titans, taking on the alias, "Changeling".

He also befriended Terra when she joined the team, unaware that she was a spy working for Slade Wilson.

He was first seen participating in a mission alongside the other Teen Titans.

Later at Titans Headquarters, Changeling was present when Dick Grayson and Wally West both announced that they were giving up their respective superhero identities to return to civilian life much to the shock of their teammates.

Changeling was later present with Raven who was meditating when Terra arrived in, wearing a new costume and announcing that she was going by "Gaia" from now. He also attempted to stop Raven from fighting Gaia with Gaia ultimately fleeing but not before destroying the Titans HQ and killing Wonder Girl, Cyborg and Starfire by burying them in shreds of rocks before launching them into space.

During the fight between Superman and Gaia, Changeling arrived, demanding to know how Gaia could do this when they had trusted her, given her a home and cared for her. She told him that she cared for him but as much as a God could care about an ant.

Seconds later, Changeling's body was engulfed by lava, killing him which in turn made him the last member of the team to die and as such with his death, the Teen Titans were eliminated from that world forever.



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