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Garfield Logan gained his power some time after Miss Martian gave him a blood donation. By the year 2016, Garfield had made himself a valuable member of the Team. Valuable enough that he was chosen to accompany Miss Martian and Superboy to the planet Rann in order to investigate the mystery of the unaccounted 16 hours of Justice League members under The Light's mental control.[citation needed]

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  • Animal Shapeshifting: Beast Boy can change his form into the male form of any animal he has studied. The change takes only a few seconds and does not require any difficulty. Since he shares Martian blood that was cellular organized to mimic human blood, his shapeshifting takes place on a microscopic level allowing him not only to take the form of an animal but to mimic its abilities as well. This includes animals that do not naturally appear on earth as well as animals that are extinct.


  • Beast Boy's favorite phrase is "noted".


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