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Garfield Mark Logan, better known as Beast Boy, is a laid-back, fun-loving, and lazy metahuman with the ability to transform himself into any animal. He was raised by the Doom Patrol, but later joined the Teen Titans.


Beast Boy, in one version of his "orangin" <sic> mentioned by Robin, was originally a boy bitten by a rare green monkey and infected with a disease that needed to be cured with an experimental serum, giving him the power to turn into any animal he could think of. However, Beast Boy laughed off this possible origin as unrealistic.

In Beast Boy's version of the events, he was originally a test pilot known as the "man without fear". One day, an alien crash landed on Earth and gifted him a power ring to protect the galaxy. Robin pointed out that this story was untrue because it was just a parody of Green Lantern's origin. [9]

At some point after getting his powers, Beast Boy became a member of the Doom Patrol before striking out on his own and becoming a hero in Jump City.

Joining the Teen Titans

Story 1

Beast Boy once claimed that he and Cyborg didn't meet each other until they were both on a US battleship with one another. They admitted that they didn't like each other at first, but decided to become best friends anyway. They then played volleyball shirtless, like in the movie Top Gun.

When Robin later destroyed the embodiment of Cyborg and Beast Boy's friendship, the two tried to recreate this moment but failed to spark their same friendship. It wasn't until the two bounded over junk food while fighting Cinderblock that they formed a new friendship. [10]

Story 2

While operating as a hero in Jump City, Beast Boy was contacted by the newly independent hero Robin, who invited him to audition for the new super-team he was forming called the Teen Titans. Robin, easily frustrated, yelled at Beast Boy, who couldn't understand that there would be no food served at the auditions.

At the auditions, Robin cut Beast Boy from the team because he failed his tests. Instead, he chose Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Bumblebee to form his team. However, the other recruits decided they didn't like Robin as their leader and voted to kick him off his own team.

Robin reconnected with the heroes he had originally cut and, all feeling like rejects, decided to team up themselves to get Titans Tower back from Kid Flash's team. Robin, Beast Boy, and the other rejects challenged Kid Flash to a competition for the rights to the tower, and Kid Flash accepted. Though the rules were rigged against them, Robin's Titans cheated their way into Titans Tower and kicked the other team out of Jump City for good.

Officially, the rejects had become Jump City's sole protectors - the Teen Titans. [11]

Story 3

In another version of the story, Beast Boy was defending endangered animals from poachers in Africa when he was contacted by Robin to join the Teen Titans. Beast Boy took Robin's business card but refused to join until Robin recruited some "ladies" to the team. Later, while Robin was stopping a robbery in Jump City by himself, Beast Boy and the other invited heroes assembled for the first time, forming the Teen Titans.

Though the Titans liked this version of the story, they didn't think anyone would ever believe it. [12]

Teen Titans Movie

After the success of their movie, the Teen Titans basked in their 15 minutes of fame until, 20 minutes later, they discovered they had become has-beens. Darkseid refused to fight them, having seen their movie and disliked their humor, Baloon Man got an inflated head about his role in the movie and thought he outgrew the stars, and the H.I.V.E. Five refused to associate with the Titans to preserve their own reputation.

Though the Titans went into a temporary depression from their crashing fame, they found renewed interest in crimefighting - focusing on petty crimes like littering and overdue library books.

Soon after, the Titans decided to seek new jobs in the movie industry. Beast Boy found a niche as a replacement for animal actors on sets. However, the Titans became disillusioned with behind-the-scenes work as well and, upon declaring their return to the "real world", they discovered they were actually in a comic book the whole time, having been trapped by Control Freak. Eventually, they returned to the status quo. [13]


  • Animal Mimicry: Beast Boy can transform his body into any known animal on the planet Earth. When assuming the form of another animal, he also adopts that particular animal's physical characteristics. If he turns into a bird, he can fly. If he turns into a gorilla, he gains enhanced strength, etc. But all his animals that he transform into he will always be green, just like his human form. Beast Boy can always revert back to his human form at any time of his choosing.

  • Beast Boy, like the other Titans, was between the ages of 15 and 18 when he first joined the team. [14]



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