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Beast Boy, real name Garfield Logan, is a member of the Teen Titans with the power to turn into any animal.


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Garfield is transformed

Garfield Logan was the only son of biologist Mark and Marie Logan. While the family were doing research in a jungle, Garfield was bitten by a monkey on the arm and and contracted the Sakutia virus. The only known cure for Sakutia was animal antigens and, acting quickly, Garfield parents gave him a "cocktail" of antigens as a cure. Garfield survived the virus, and the concoction mutated him to have green hair and skin as well as the ability to turn into any animal he could think of.

Not long after transforming, Garfield parents perished in a flood, though Garfield managed to survive due to his powers. [1]

Doom Patrol

Soon after that, Garfield needed direction in his life and sought the attention of the superhero team the Doom Patrol. He snuck into their headquarters and, though they treated him like any intruder, he successfully avoided them long enough with his powers to impress them. The team adopted him and raised Garfield to be a superhero like them. [2]

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Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol

Garfield was given the codename Beast Boy to use while on adventures. He was given a purple and black spandex costume to wear to match the other members of the team. In order to appear more "mysterious" as the team recounted, Beast Boy willingly used a mask during his time with the team.

Growing up with the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy was a handful. The team's leader Mento was frequently stern with the boy, while Elasti-Girl was always gentle with him, putting the two adoptive parents at odds on the proper way to raise him.

At one point, Beast Boy developed a fascination with building and taking things apart. His hobby went out of control when, at one point, he disassembled Robotman while Cliff was sleeping. Though the team quickly reassembled him, there was a single screw leftover they couldn't seem to place.

One of Beast Boy's earliest adventures with the Doom Patrol was against Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. Though the villain managed to subdue most of the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy worked up the courage to turn into a ram and free them, saving the day.

Later, shortly after finish his training, Beast Boy and Mento temporarily switched bodies when the young boy played with Mento's helmet without his permission. The two tried to keep the accident a secret while they worked with the rest of the Doom Patrol against an alien monster, but neither hero could control the other's powers. Eventually, they switched back, and Mento grounded Beast Boy. Robotman would later refer to the event as "Wacky Wednesday". [3]

At another point, in an effort to catch Madame Rouge, Mento used Beast Boy as bait to draw Rouge out of hiding in a crowded bar. Years later, Mento would retell the story, and Robin would criticize it - feeling that Mento unnecessarily put Beast Boy in danger. [4]

When Beast Boy was a teenager, he felt he needed some time away from the Doom Patrol and went to Jump City to become his own hero. There, he met the heroes Robin, Raven, Cyborg and Starfire they formed a new superhero team - the Teen Titans.

Teen Titans

Beast Boy had a romantic relationship with a girl named Terra who had the ability to control earth. However, Terra betrayed the Teen Titans as an ally of Slade. Ultimately, she received redemption in helping the Titans defeat Slade but was turned into stone in the process. Beast Boy retained feelings for Terra until he found her reborn with seemingly no memory of him or her time as a Titan, and he finally accepted her loss.[5]

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  • Animal Mimicry: Beast Boy can transform his body into any known animal on the planet Earth. When assuming the form of another animal, he also adopts that particular animal's physical characteristics. If he turns into a bird, he can fly. If he turns into a gorilla, he gains enhanced strength, etc. But all his animals that he transform into he will always be green, just like his human form. Beast Boy can always revert back to his human form at any time of his choosing. It can be proven that these are animals that Beast Boy has only learned about and/or seen.[6]
  • "Mutated Mode": After a fight with the villain Adonis, Beast Boy and Adonis both were covered with a mutating slime that first changed their personality, then later gave them a new animal to turn into. However, they could not control this power and they frequently transformed against their will. Beast Boy was given an antidote, but said that the beast was still inside him.[7] He has voluntarily changed into this form on at least one occasion, defending Raven from her father Trigon's army.[8]
  • Claws
  • Fangs
  • Flight
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed


  • Titans head writer, David Slack intentionally wrote Raven and Beast Boy as a "married couple", hence the relationship was one of deep loyalty and affection, but also laced with conflicting personality clashes. This "tough love" relationship between Beast Boy and Raven is continued in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, also written by Slack.



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