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Beast Boy is a chibi version of the hero of the same name that tells lighthearted jokes.

Chibi Beast Boy was created by J. Torres and Todd Nauck in the real world to tell jokes between the panels of their Teen Titans comic book.

However, when Larry the Titan sneezed on the comic he was reading, he accidentally transported the Tween Titans to the world of the Teen Titans. Beast Boy and the Tween Titans fought the villain Kardiak before the real Titans arrived.

Chibi Beast Boy and regular Beast Boy got along well because they always laughed at each other's jokes.

Working with the real Teen Titans and Larry, the Tween Titans worked to clean up the interdimensional mess and return all the chibi characters back to their home dimension. Though the chibis were expelled from the Titans' reality, they ended up in the real world, where they pestered their comic creators. [1]

Eventually, Beast Boy and the Tween Titans returned to their proper place in the gutters of their comic book.




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