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Quote1.png Um, that's not a dog, sir. It's Beast Boy. He has this thing about changing into different animals and stuff. Quote2.png
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Best Boy is a student attending Sidekick City Elementary and a member of the Tiny Titans.

Crossing Guard of Doom

Little Beast Boy

As a toddler, Best Boy was briefly left in the care of the Doom Patrol, primarily Elasti-Girl. Due to his overactive imagination, he believed everything involving his teammates to be nefarious. As a result, Garfield developed a nervous tick where he would attribute anything stressful with the word "Doom."[1]

Courting Terra

Rocky beginnings.

Garfield developed a crush on fellow Titans member Terra and he started following her until she threw a rock at him. Cyborg revealed she was into Superman, so he gave him a replica of Superman's Costume. Beast Boy wore the suit hoping to impress her, but she she outright rejected him.[2]

He continued enacting failing schemes to impress her: writing an improper poem, pretending to be a dog, dressing up as a rock, and being unable to start a rocket-ship.[3]

Little Archie

The Tiny Titans invited Josie and the Pussycats to their pet club, but the band misunderstood and thought pet club was a costume party.Beast Boy offered to be Josie McCoy's pet, but while she rejected him, Melody Valentine took him up on the offer.[4]

Hot Stuff

Beast Boy caught Terra on her way to the center of the Earth and convinced her to let him tag along. They ran into Etrigan, who introduced them to Dinosaurs. One of them became clingy with Beast Boy, causing Terra to jealousy separate the two.[5]

New Beginnings

Terra likes Beast Boy!

In a final attempt to court Terra, Beast Boy once again dressed up as Superman and intended to ride a giant firework. The firework was too powerful and he flew all the way to Smallville, and he lost control over Kent Farm. The real Superman recused Garfield and brought him back to Sidekick City. Terra tried to deny her concern for him, but quickly caved in and kissed Beast Boy, starting their relationship.[6]





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