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Fireflu is an arsonist and enemy of Batman.


Before becoming a serial arsonist, Garfield Lynns was a special effects coordinator for multiple high end movies, often being employed at Gotham's Panessa Studios. Lynns learned to appreciate pyrotechnics and developed his skills on his final film entitled "The Inferno". Despite his creative efforts, the movie was a flop, having spent far too much on visual effects and not attracting the audience that was anticipated. Because of this, Lynns was laid off - fired, psychologically broken as his boss tapped a lit cigar in front of his face after delivering the news.[1]

Jobless, Lynns began to experiment with fire, a remnant of his past. Gaining more confidence, Lynns went from playing with matches to burning down buildings in no time and, soon, because he was sloppy, was caught in one of his own fires. The pyromaniac was scarred over 90% of his body, leaving his skin visibility tender and burned. Unlike other criminals that would give up after such a traumatic event, Lynns only went crazier and created a costume with a build-in afterburner jet pack to continue his obsession. Taking the name "Firefly", Lynns soon became a incredible danger to Gotham City.

Assassinating Batman

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Firefly was one of the assassins that was hired by The Joker, pretending to be Black Mask, to kill Batman. Firefly was one of the last assassins to make his play on the vigilante by drawing him out to the Pioneer's Bridge. After the meeting at the Royal Hotel, Firefly had his men rig four bombs across the bridge and taunted the Bat to fight him. Batman, however, managed to distract Firefly for long enough to allow Lieutenant Gordon and himself to defuse the bombs before the final encounter. Using a fierce combination of his Batclaw and new Glue Grenades, Batman successfully subdued Firefly and left him tied up, his jetpack broken, for the police to escort away.[2]

Firefly was taken to Arkham Asylum and imprisoned there for almost a decade before escaping the island during the Joker's takeover. Although Batman never re-encounters him that night, his cell is discovered empty, filled with old newspapers of his past assaults on Gotham.[3]

Second Assault

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Firefly was told by Scarecrow that Gotham would be defenseless on Halloween. To this end, Firefly attacked the fire stations, as paypack for Raymond Underhill going back on their agreement. Batman chased him around Gotham until the jetpack Firefly was using ran out of fuel. Once captured, Firefly was taken to GCPD. There, he was incarcerated with the other villains.


  • Aviation
  • Firearms
  • Gadgetry: Lynns was a former special effects director for Panessa Studios in Gotham City before being fired, understanding all the complicated gadgets that came with the job. After he began his criminal career, Garfield also build his Firefly costume from scratch.
  • Demolitions


  • Pyromania: Firefly loves fire, to the point he'll burn everything in sight. By the time of Arkham Knight, he had begun to worship it and believed that it must not be interfered with.



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