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Garfield "Gar" Lynns was a fire fighter turned pyromaniac.

Garfield "Gar" Lynns was a fireman in Starling City who was thought dead after a terrible fire in Nodell Tower; however, Lynns survived but was severely burned. A few years later, Lynns came back to exact his revenge on the other firemen who left him in the building, "the Fireflies", killing them one-by-one while on duty combating fires.

When Lynns killed Danny De La Vega, brother of Joanna De La Vega, his activities attracted the attention of Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen. Oliver was able to track him down to a fire at Stagg Chemical, but Lynns was able to overpower the vigilante and escape. Later, Lynns appeared at Tommy Merlyn's for the Starling City Fire Department at Oliver Queen's nightclub to get revenge on Fire Chief Raynes. He set the nightclub on fire, but Oliver, as the Vigilante, was able to stop Lynns' from killing Raynes. Although he could have quickly killed him, Oliver offered to help get Lynns help, to rehabilitate him into society. Rather than accept Oliver's offer, Lynns committed suicide by walking into the blaze.

  • Garfield Lynns was portrayed by Andrew Dunbar.



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