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Firefly is an arsonist enemy of Batman.

Originally, Garfield was the pyrotechnical worker for the rock star Cassidy, which led to the two dating. However Cassidy broke it off when Garfield became too obsessive and controlling. Prior to one show in Gotham City, Garfield became so controlling and violent, Cassidy fired him, leaving it to be his final show. Deciding she should know what it's like to be burned for once, Garfield heavily modified the pyrotechnics and set fire to the concert hall, trapping Cassidy. Despite Cassidy being saved by Batgirl, Cassidy was frequently stalked by Lynns, now calling himself Firefly. Despite the efforts of both Batman and Batgirl, Cassidy was kidnapped and Firefly revealed his plan to her. He had developed a unique incendiary gel, which when ignited, could burn through anything, even ice as he demonstrated. Garfield's plan was to dump the gel into Gotham's sewer system, then ignite it, burning the city to the ground for the perfect cover for their escape. Batman showed up, now wearing a durable fire resistant batsuit and defeated Firefly. Despite her demeanor, the events left Cassidy with a pyrophobia.

Years later, Lynns was one of the criminals who escaped prison and confronted the Justice League. It was here he developed mutual respect/ love for fellow fire villain Volcana.



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