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Garfield Lynns is Firefly, an arsonist who terrorized Gotham City, making him an enemy of Batman.

New 52

Garfield Lynns worked as a pyrotechnic on films starring Cindy Cooke. Eventually, she had been forced to fire him, and he had not taken it well. When an arsonist named "Firefly" appeared in Gotham targeting Ms. Cooke, Lynns became a prime suspect. It was discovered, though, that Lynns was actually the first victim of the real arsonist, Ted Carson, who had hoped to pin the blame on Lynns for the destruction of Cindy's career so that he and she could fake their own deaths and live away from her fame. Carson was caught by Nightwing and Batgirl. [1]


Following some multiversial fluctuations in the timeline, history was mysteriously revised.

In this new history, Garfield Lynns was the original Firefly, having participated in the "War of Jokes and Riddles" during Batman's second year of operation, in which he sided with the Riddler over the Joker. Lynns was then murdered and usurped by Ted Carson.[2]

However, in another wave of alterations, Lynns was mysteriously resurrected, returning to the role of Firefly and operating simultaneously as his murderer Ted Carson.[3]

Other Characteristics


  • Firefly's suit
    • Jetpack


  • Flamethrowers



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