Gargantua was trained by Erica Belgard. He was trained to attack Wonder Woman and was eventually brought to the United States, to bring back defector, Conrad Steigler. Gargantua climbed up to Steigler's hotell room, knocking out several MPs in the process and brought Steigler to his masters.

However, having trained him to fight Wonder Woman, Erica Belgard wanted to take the opportunity to capture her also. So, they set up a trap and sent Gargantua on her. However, before he could finish the task, Gargantua was shot by an MP and brought to Dr. Osmond. Osmond was able to undo Belgard's programming of Gargantua. But, the Nazis took Gargantua back and gave him electro shocks, while looking at a picture of Wonder Woman (in hopes that it would restore the programming).

He was subdued by Wonder Woman, when they met again and the reprogramming failed. Feeling empathy for Gargantua, Wonder Woman couldn't let him spend the rest of his life in a cage, so she broke him out and returned him to Africa.


  • Gargantua served as a replacement for Giganta.



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