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Quote1.png Yesterday I finally saw what I was seeking at the University, I saw what man can become, I saw the superman. Now that I've seen him, I must pursue him. Quote2.png
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Garm was an enemy of Azrael.

Garm was a former University Professor who was fired from his position due to unethical experiments he conducted on his students in order to understand how to achieve the peak of human capabilities. After being fired, he became a school teacher within the town of Ossaville where he witnessed Azrael save a class of school children taken hostage within a school bus. Entranced by how easily Azrael defeated the criminals, Garm quit his job at the school and hired a gang to cause havoc within Ossaville in order to draw out Azrael and kidnap him to find out what made Azrael so powerful. This attack baited Azrael into attempting to track down these gangmembers, luring him to Garm's headquarters in the Sobek Society exhibit in the Bludhaven swamp.

Garm rigged his base with various traps, including multiple cages of varying metals and poison gas valves to test the limit of the strength Azrael has gained thanks to the Order of St. Dumas.[2] Once one of the gas traps rendered Azrael unconscious, Garm performed numerous biological examinations on Azrael to learn more about his modified physiology. However, after coming to the conclusion that the source of Azrael's abilities were because of psychological manipulation, Azrael managed to trick Garm to put the Azrael mask back on him, activating his enhanced strength and allowing the vigilante to escape. Unbeknownst to Azrael, Garm had placed a tracker onto his suit and learned of the vigilante's secret castle base within Ossaville.

When Azrael fouled Garm's attempts to examine him, Garm resolved to have his men infiltrate Azrael's castle in Ossaville and steal the corpse of the 'Chinese Azrael' buried within the estate grounds[3] and take the body to a lighthouse on the shores of Culligan Point that was owned by Garm's deceased father. But before he could begin dissecting the corpse, Azrael arrived at the lighthouse stopped the mad scientist, however Azrael suffered from a brief blackout due to the knockout gas Garm had previously drugged him with, allowing the criminal to escape.[4]


  • Biology[5]: Garm showed immense biological knowledge in his ability to deduce what animals Jean-Paul Valley is a hybridised with and the source of his abilities being connected to neural modifications.
  • Surgery

Other Characteristics

  • Cowardice: Garm would frequently flee from combat, leaving his henchmen to fight on his behest.