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Garn Daanuth was one of the twin demigod sons of ancient Atlantean gods, Majistra and Calculha. A powerful master of dark magic and agent for the Lords of Chaos, he often fought Arion for control over their shared birth home, Atlantis.


A millennia ago, born as one of the two children of Majistra and Calculha, Atlantean goddess and god of darkness and light respectively, the two's union was short-lived and the two split up, Majistra bitter and taking Garn to raise as a agent of chaos. Made her apprentice in the dark arts, Garn grew up in Mu not knowing the truth behind his parents and saw Calculha as his mother's adversary and rival.[4]

While attending a meeting between the Conclave of Twelve as his mother's apprentice, he met Arion and Calculha, goading the former. Garn would later help his mother usurp the power within the Zodiac Crystals, an act that would nearly destroy the world. Calculha and Arion intervened but when the tide seemingly turned towards them, Ahri'ahn scarified himself by taking the power from Majistra, banishing her between time and space in Darkworld. While Ahri'ahn soul was saved and his body, converted to energy, placed in a star by his father, Garn was left without his mother and the resulting act from Arion mystically drained the color of his skin. Swearing vengeance, Garn took advantage of his natural immortality and coupled with centuries of studies in dark magic, became a feared and mighty sorcerer in ancient Atlantis and sparked a family feud that would last for over a millennia.[4]


Arion, Lord of Atlantis

Shortly after Ahri'ahn's (now called simply Arion) resurrection, Garn began several campaigns, attempting to kill Arion and conquering Atlantis and other city states including Mu and Thamuz alongside allies such as the Jackals and S'Net, his jackal-lieutentant, M'Zelle, a member of the Atlantean Royal Family whom was subjected to his mystical powers of compelling, and later the Brotherhood of Light led by Vandal Savage.[5][4][6]

Though he managed to conquer Atlantis twice throughout his years by force and later through mind controlling the populance, Garn's irreputable acts such as the destruction of Khe-Wannantu and it's people, his conquests of Atlantis, causing permanent damage to the Atlantean monarchs, and attempts to damage his brother's relations to his allies caused his brother to seal him twice and eventually gave way for his brother to ascend as king of Atlantis.[7][8] At some unknown point in time, he would father a daughter whom his acolytes had sent into Skartaris during the destruction of Atlantis.[9]

Modern Era

All the Elements of Disaster

Garn would appear later in more modern times when he attempted to raise the City of the Golden Gate of Atlantis through the use of magic and four elementals he created. Appearing as a wizen old man, he would encounter the Justice League of America and claimed he survived the destruction of Atlantis by putting himself in suspended animation. Eventually, the Justice League was stopped though he seemingly perished when his attempt failed and his magic ebbs due to being cut off from his source of power.[10]

Arion the Immortal

Having lost his magic centuries ago and only possessing his natural immortality, Garn had since eventually become minister of a small, middle east nation known as Kurani. After the Darkworld entity began dreaming and bestowing ancient magic onto the Earth, Garn's return of powers bolstered his ambitions and quickly turned the tide against the United States of America and it's forces. Confronted by Arion who wished to enlist his help to halt the magical power, he instead wishes to keep his powers and sets himself against Arion.[11] Arion ruins his plans by destroying his military and as he is about to engage him in battle, he is taken by the Darkworld entity.[12] Garn allies himself with the Darkworld entity and attempts to pit his brother against servants of the Darkworld entity while protecting the entity itself. When Powergirl arrived to help Arion, Garn would use her as leverage though found his brother to be uncaring due to prioritizing the world over his sentiments and had knowledge she was powerful enough to protect herself. With Powergirl's strength and Arion's magic, Garn was fused with Darkworld, trapping him with the entity. Due to this act, this caused all of the magic to freeze from Darkworld in place, as it placed the Darkworld entity between a state of awakenesss and sleep.[13]


His legacy would live on in the form of Bedlam, a genie-like being composed of his magical power whom would possess human Matthew Stewart. With his newfound power, Matthew would eventually come to be an enemy of the Young Justice team and placed under the surveillance of the Department of Extranormal Operations with hopes of eventually being rehabilitated and recruited into the organization.[14][15]


  • Demigod Physiology: Born from the result of two Atlantean deities, his heritage allows for a variety of special abilities. Despite his preference for magic, he retained a great physical constitution.[16]
    • Immortality: Like his father and brother, Garn is naturally immortal and has existed since the era long before Atlantis fell.[4]
    • Power Absorption: Like Arion, Garn's mystic abilities is stem from pulling a source of power to energize his own spells-casting such as using mystic charms.[6]
    • Cosmic Awareness: Garn's senses enable him to sense imminent danger towards himself.[17]
    • Darkworld Empowerment: Due to his connection to Darkworld, he was able to possess near unlimited magical energy when acting as his main source.[2]



  • Mystic Disfiguration: Exposure to the Zodiac Crystals' powerful magics after it's control was usurped by his twin brother, Arion, caused his skin to be drained of color, giving him the appearance similar to those who have albinism.[4] He later also received a scar from Arion in the shape of his sigil on his face.[8] While neither injury could be healed, he can use magic to hide both features.[2]
  • Dependency on Darkworld: Like other fellow Atlantean gods, his power is dependent on the state of Darkworld and is powerless save for his immortality when Darkworld disappeared. Furthermore, his use in Atlantean white magic, like his brother, shares the same weakness in requiring a solar source to use.[10]


  • Garn's Diadem: A mystical diadem, the artifact contains a portion of Garn's malevolent magic and evil wisdom, granting the user various magical powers. The diadem is mystically programmed with both his image and voice and can choose it's bearers. Only those considered loyal to Garn as his acolytes or a direct descendant can use the diadem.[3]
    • Weather Manipulation: The diadem can invoke natural phenomenons in order to create a catacylsm similar to what struck down Atlantis; the diadem can invoke this should the bearer not meet it's conditions and be rejected by the voice and image of Garn within the diadem.[3]


  • Garn's Skycraft[3]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Garth believed that he was possibly a descendant of Garn Daanuth, given his mystic heritage and the fact his own name is a corruption of Garn Daanuth.[23]
  • Being Arion's twin, Garn Daanuth was born 527,654 years ago. He is also the older twin of the two.[24]


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