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Garret Day was a priest in Gotham City and an elite member of the Order of Purity.

One day, Michael Lane confessed his sins to Garret and revealed that he helped to kill Batman. Having learned more details from Lane, Garret joined the leaders of the Order and discussed the possibility of making Lane their new Azrael. Garret informed them about Michael's confession and the facts matched with Adrian Paratino's investigation about the man. Garret was also present during the introduction of Lane to the Order of Purity.[1]

Day and the others managed to get out alive, except for their leader, Leland McCauley. They took his body to the Gotham Central Hospital, where they were confronted by Lane, who wanted to know the truth about the Suit of Sorrows. Day and the others allowed Lane to see what had happened to Arlington as prove of the suit's effects.[2]

When police officers Bullock and Harper interrogated him about the events at his church, he lied to them in order to cover the Order's secret activities.[3] However, Bullock found enough evidence about the crimes at Day's church and he arrested Father Day. During the interrogation, Day told Bullock everything about the Order of Purity and Azrael, even took him to see the current state of Abraham Arlington. After his confession, Day was released from police custody.[4]