Gary was a member of the Joker Clan under the leadership of Harley Quinn. He was with her during the mission to destroy a green pill factory and was the first goon she nicknamed.[1]

Gary was shot in the chest at a Superman protest by a Regime soldier, causing Harley to lose her cool in defense of her henchmen. Luckily though, Gary was taken to a surgeon and saved, whispering to Harley that his real name was actually Curt. She dismissed this though, preferring to call him Gary, and left him to recover.[2]

After getting better, Gary returned to the Joker Clan and remained loyal to Harley when the alternate reality Joker attempted to seize control. When it appeared the Joker's takeover was successful, Gary and the other few henchman that sided with Harley were rounded up and held captive by the Joker, who threatened to kill them if Harley didn't go back to being his sidekick. Gary managed to break free of his bindings and hit the Joker with a pipe but was quickly stabbed in the gut by the clown in response, apparently killing him.[3]

  • In Gary's first appearance, he was portrayed as Caucasian. However, his second appearance changed him to being African American.



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