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Gary Green is a geeky and clumsy member of the Legends and a former agent of the Time Bureau.

Early life

Gary's true form

Gary Green was born on a wild planet where everyone was badass, but Gary was a bit of a goof and teamed up with Kayla to capture aliens from all over the universe for rewards. At some point, Gary became Kayla's fiancé. Of all the necrians, Gary was the only one who stopped eating humans. Gary had to go on a mission on Earth to capture Sara Lance on Bishop's orders, but he declined the mission, as he had fallen in love with Earth.[3]

Time Bureau

Gary spied on the Legends after they stole the Waverider back from the Time Bureau, but he was caught in the process.[1] Gary was sent to the year 2042 to fix an anachronism, in which Kuasa attacked an A.R.G.U.S. van containing the prisoner Zari Tomaz. The Legends were able to find about the anachronism after they intercepted Gary's call to the Bureau.[4]

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  • Time Courier: Like all agents of Time Bureau, Gary carries an armband that allows him to travel through time, without the need of a time ship.