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Aviator Gary Hawkes roved the Western Hemisphere, from San Columbo to Hollywood to Texas to San Columbo again, in search of adventure, and frequently found it.

In the mid-1930s Gary Hawkes worked as a test pilot and flight instructor, until his plane got stolen and his student got kidnapped. It took him three days to straighten out that mess, most of which he spent as a fellow hostage with Miss Darroll.

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In South America, Gary Hawkes played a role in San Columbo's defeat of the invading Vulcanians. After returning to the U.S., he helped the U.S. Coast Guard to break up an arms smuggling ring.


  • Aviation Gary Hawkes could fly a dive bomber.


Hawkes owned at least two civilian airplanes: a training plane and a racer.


Towards the end of his recorded adventures, Hawkes packed a semiautomatic sidearm and at least one of his planes packed a swivel-mounted machine gun.[1]

  • The Gary Hawkes series ran in More Fun Comics from More Fun Comics #36 (Oct 1938) to issue #46 (Aug 1939).
  • It sometimes was billed as Gary Hawkes, Knight of the Skies.
  • Final panel of the last story ends with "The End," which is usually not the case with these Golden Age features.
  • Gary Hawkes smoked a pipe.[2]
  • This strip's first and last episodes were printed in black & white.