Quote1.png I never let Torrez resurface. I was playing a game...letting you think he had. All so I could confront you. Quote2.png
Gary Korec src

Gary Korec is one of the ghost companions of the Prisoner-of-War.

Gary Korec was a double agent, pretending to be part of the United States Army when he was an agent of the KGB. During a Russian espionage operation, Gary Korec was supposed to be the backup escape contingency of KGBeast. Gary Korec was murdered by The Operative during the operation.[1] His death was witnessed by Dominick Torrez, a soldier of the United States Army at the time. Subsequently, Gary Korec became the first soul Prisoner-of-War would carry with him.[2]

Eventually, after Dominick Torrez had visited Marie Korec, Gary Korec's anger about his death allowed him to take control of Prisoner-of-War's body to take his revenge.[3] He infiltrated the Others but failed to kill The Operative, which led Gary Korec to ally himself with Mayhem.[1] He infiltrated the Others once more, but the Others were able to see through his act. Ultimately, the other ghosts inside Prisoner-of-War's body drove Gary Korec's soul out. Without a body to contain him, Gary Korec's soul vanished.




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