The Gas Gang are a group of robots were based on and named for the gases Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Chloroform, Helium, and Oxygen.


They were created by Doc Magnus when he was transformed into a robotic humanoid.

When Doc Magnus left Earth to recover Platinum his spacesuit was hit by cosmic rays. The effect altered Doc Magnus tranforming him into a robot, displaying none of the actual feelings he used to have towards his Metal Men.

After they disobeyed orders and rescued the ship, Doc Magnus threatened to melt down his creations. The Metal Men locked him in his laboratory and began experimenting on ways to make him human again.

However, while they were busy with one of his failed experiments, the laboratory door burst open and Doc Magnus introduced his new robots, the Gas Gang.

Chloroform's initial attack caused the Metal Men to break out in fits of hysteria nitrous oxide, which Doc Magnus said was Chloroform's initial effect.

Before Lead could wall them off, Mercury literally broke up laughing, opening Oxygen to attack and causing the Metal Men to begin to rust. During the chase Carbon Monoxide attempted to poison them with fumes, while Carbon Dioxide attempted to freeze them. The chase ended in one of the labs where Gold was attempting heat conduction on the others as a possible cure for their creator.

As Helium expanded and cornered the Metal Men, Platinum got Gold to repeat the experiment, stretching and transforming himself into a large cage and trapping the Gas Gang. When he connected himself to the high-voltage conductors, he melted the Gas Gang and converted them all to steam. That was when they discovered Doc Magnus had been trapped in there with them, and as it turned out is what cured him and made him human again.



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