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Gat Benson was a Cliffland, New Jersey mobster who was hired by a criminal named Rhami Set. He successfully killed police officer James Corrigan.

On the night of the engagement party of Clarice Winston and officer James Corrigan, a petty thief named Louis Snipe told Corrigan that Gat and his gang would be at a robbery that evening. Rather than alerting his partner, Corrigan went alone so that he would get all the glory. It was a trap; Gat and his men captured Corrigan, put him into a barrel, filled it with cement, and threw him into the river.

The deceased Corrigan's spirit was then offered a chance to seek justice, as the ghostly Spectre. Corrigan returned to Earth as a "Spirit of Vengeance" to fight evil with his new supernatural powers. On his first mission, he exacted justice by stripping Gat Benson of his skin, and reducing him to a skeleton. The Spectre then restored Benson, and his two henchmen, to life, and turned them over to the police.

  • Although Gat Benson made only three canonical appearance while alive, he has made subsequent appearances in numerous flashback tales dealing with the the Spectre's origin.
  • In the second chapter of his first published appearance, in More Fun Comics v.1 #53, 1st story, p.8, panel 1, the dead Gat Benson was resurrected, in a mindless state, and arrested by the police.
  • Gat Benson's history was altered at least twice.
    • First, due to the the collapse of the Multiverse in the 1985-86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series, his appearance in Spectre #5 could, for a time, be considered apocryphal. As a native of the no-longer canonical "Earth-Two," Gat's history was retroactively altered to fit in with that of "New Earth," or "Earth-Post-CoIE."
    • Second, the Multiverse was reestablished in the 2005-06 Infinite Crisis limited series, and in its 2006-07 sequel series 52. This undid most or all of the alterations to history made by the Crisis On Infinite Earths.



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