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Gaudium is a fallen cherub with an ironic viewpoint on life.

Gaudium was tasked by Michael Demiurgos to protect Elaine Belloc from the Jin En Mok, Cestis.[1]

Gaudium performed his duties as best he could, but ultimately Elaine Belloc died. In truth, however, she only lost her body; her spirit survived her encounter with the demon, as 'angels are hard to kill'. Nevertheless, Gaudium's intervention proved worthwhile as Elaine, in her spirit form, was able to save Lucifer from being killed by the Basanos[2].

Later Gaudium was again called to duty, this time to bring back the soul of Elaine from the Mansions of Silence. First, he recovered the souls of Elaine's grandmothers to use as a compass for Elaine's soul. Then Gaudium formed the crew of the Naglfar to travel to the Mansions, including himself, along with Elaine's sister Spera, and others.[3]

Gaudium and Spera were once again called into service by Lucifer when he asked a select group of individuals to eliminate every immortal from his realm, so they could not pose a threat to him.

He played a key role in the ascent of Cristopher Rudd to power in Hell, which tipped the tide of the war against Fenris, which finally lead Elaine to assume the role of 'God'.[4]

After the war, Gaudium was asked by Elaine to clean up one of the older realms which she was dismantling, having opposed her in the war. Gaudium took Spera along and in that realm found Remiel and Lumen, his older brother, who refused to submit to Elaine. Once he added the angels to the list, Elaine took care of the situation, and congrated the cherubs.[5] Gaudium, Lumen, and Spera lived somewhat quiet lives after that... for fallen cherubs, that is.




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