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Gavril Ivanovich is a member of the Rocket Red Brigade, Russia's premier super-hero protectors in high-tech battle armor. In his identity as Rocket Red he leaves his military duties and becomes a member of Justice League International.


Gavril Ivanovich was once a captain of Russia's Rocket Red Brigade and a devoted communist. Due to his political beliefs, Gavril became disgusted with the westernization of his country, and he resigned from the brigade. He declared himself a revolutionary, the "true" Rocket Red, and modeled his life after his predecessor Dmitri Pushkin. He created his own armor (which was closely model after Pushkin's) and took to destroying "all the corporate cancer and traitors" that had rotten his nation: western influences such as fast food chains and corporate businesses, but he also attacked K.G.B. cells who had been attempting to seize government control.

Generation Lost

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Due to his actions, the Russian government consider Gavril an enemy of the state. Gavril was fighting and being chased by his former Rocket Red Brigade at St. Petersburg until the intervention of the former members of the Justice League International who were teleported to Russia by Maxwell Lord's machination. Gavril was very pleased to see them and came to the belief that the JLI was reestablished, with him taking the late Pushkin's role. He pointed out that the former key members of the JLI were all nearly present (with the exception of a Green Lantern), which led Booster Gold to the conclusion that Maxwell Lord is secretly recreating the JLI.[1]

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  • Gavril Ivanovich has his own internet blog describing his vigilante motivation.[1]



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