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Gavril Ivanovich is a commander in the Rocket Red Brigade, Russia's premier super-hero protectors in high-tech battle armor.

In his identity as Rocket Red, he became one of the founding members of the original Justice League International.[1]

The Signal Masters

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Andre Briggs selects Gavril to be Russia's representative in the U.N.-sponsored Justice League International. He immediately develops a rivalry with Chinese teammate August General in Iron. Their first mission is to stop a race of giant robots wreaking havoc called the Signal Men.[1] Despite initial failure, he is angered when they flee from combat.[2] Gavril teams up with Ice to investigate the threat.[3] They are captured by the alien responsible, a world-destroyer named Peraxxus.[4] While the rest of the League distracts Peraxxus, Batman and Rocket Red reprogram the Signal Men to end his threat. They save the day by crashing his space-craft into Earth, which forces Peraxxus to flee.[5] He is put in charge of decommissioning the destroyed robots with Ice and Guy Gardner. The success of their first mission gets public approval, and the U.N. reveals them at a public debut ceremony.[6]


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The League's public debut is attacked by a terrorist group called the Burners, led by anarchist super-villain Breakdown. Gavril dies in the explosion, which also kills Andre Briggs and Emerson Esposito.[7] His death is later used to inspire the team after they lose government funding. At Gavril's private funeral, August General declares that he should not have died in vain and they decide to continue working together as a team.[8]




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