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Gay Frollik is the founder of the Fun Foundation.

Gay was a hard worker from childhood, being a serious kid whose father died when she was young leaving her and her mother to work to keep their home by themselves. As a young woman she got engaged to her boss Ely Close, only to be accosted by a man claiming to have proof that Ely was a gangster whose business was a cover. She struck the man with a paperweight when he grabbed her arm and threatened her and she was convicted of his murder when he was later found dead. While she was in prison her mother died and Ely left her, and by the time she was released she was suicidal.

Her suicide attempt was interrupted by Wonder Woman who rescued her and listened to her story, then introduced her to Etta Candy. Etta helped Gay find new purpose in life helping patients recover their strength and mental fortitude at a gym. Gay founded the Fun Foundation to further her work, going to her old boss to get funding by threatening to sue him for back pay for all the overtime he'd never paid her for. Over time Ely proves himself to have not only been the gangster he'd been accused of being, but also the actual murderer of the man Gay spent years in prison for killing.