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Quote1.png Fear is not a lie. Fear cripples. Annihilates spirits. It is the only weapon that matters. Fear made me stronger than you. No-one is safe from it! ...why aren't you scared anymore? Quote2.png
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Gayle Marsh is a powerful psychic metahuman known as Psi.

Gayle started out a criminal career when she discovered she could bring anyone down by turning their fears on them.

After a series of bank robbings, Psi earned Supergirl and D.E.O.'s attention. Her formidable psychic powers forced Supergirl and Martian Manhunter to team-up. But it was only when Supergirl managed to overcome her own fears that Psi was defeated and carted off to jail.

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Psi is a very powerful psychic. Her telepathy has been said to rival a Martian's.



  • Overcoming Fear: a weakness of Psi's powers; if someone under her influence is able to overcome the fear she projects on them they become unaffected by Psi's influence. This is shown when Supergirl is able to become unaffected after overcoming the fear of having potentially killed Mon-El by sending him away after Alex is able to convince Supergirl that Mon-El is still alive.

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