Psi is an extradimensional telepath and enemy of Supergirl.


Gayle Marsh accidentally landed on Prime Earth through a dimensional breach. Supergirl and Vibe managed to restrain her. Once she telepathically communicated with Supergirl, she agreed to stay in the A. R. G. U. S. headquarters, believing it to be a safe place.[1]

Escape from the Phantom Zone


A while later, though, she was transferred to a Project Cadmus Black Site, jailed and experimented on. Gayle was weakened and mind-broken when someone put in her head something called "the Key to the Phantom Zone". The "Key" said Xa-Du could fix her mind if she went to the Phantom Zone, but she'd need Supergirl to get there. Gayle used her telepathy to get Supergirl break her out, and then she used the Girl of Steel to teleport herself in the Zone.[2]

There she found out it was a trap. Xa-Du was a Kryptonian mad scientist and criminal who had no intention to help her. He needed her - the "Aethyr Switch" - to open a rupture into the real world and escape the Zone. Wanting to prevent this, Gayle quickly wrapped herself in a psionic cocoon and went into a self-imposed trance. She woke up when Supergirl, who had also been imprisoned by Xa-Du, found her. Xa-Du injured Supergirl when the Girl of Steel attempted to break Gayle free, an action that set Psi's rage off. Gayle's power formed a humongous dragon-shaped psychic aura around her that demolished Xa-Du's stronghold and started rampaging through the Zone.[3]

Utterly mad and nearly completely out of control, Psi wanted to punish all of the Zoners. Though Supergirl approached Gayle to talk her down in spite of the danger. Supergirl encouraged her to be better than her torturers and look into her head to confirm her honesty. Psi calmed down, admitting the Zoners' thoughts and emotions had been influencing her. She helped Supergirl and Batgirl escape from the Zone but decided to stay in there to keep watch over the inmates.[4]




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