Geequoans are a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Geequo.


The males possess the natural ability of Pheromone Control allowing the to seduce and control the women of their species along with other races. The males charismatic power over women that makes the females fall in love with them, and eager to do their bidding. As a result, Geequo has a very chauvinistic, male-dominated society.

Geequoans were revealed to have been a group of genetically engineered humanoids who were part of a eugenics program to create superpowered beings undertaken by a species called the Dominators. A Daxamite hero rescued the test subjects and relocated them to new lives on other worlds. Those with Pheromone Control powers were placed on this world, making this new planet their home.

By the 30th century, Geequo was a populated and thriving world, with excellent relations with the United Planets government.

A notable Geequoans is Tal Obrin better known as Apollo of Prince Evillo's Devil's Dozen.

Powers and Abilities


  • Pheromone Control: Geequoans have the power to seduce woman, often using pheromones to do so but even without the pheromones their looks is still an asset that can seduce.


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Habitat: Earth Normal
Gravity: 1 g
Atmosphere: 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen


Type of Government:

Male Dominated society

Level of Technology:


Cultural Traits:

Chauvinistic, male-dominated society


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