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Gemini is the daughter of Doom Patrol villain Madame Rouge, with similar powers. After her mother's death, she sought revenge against the only remaining member of the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy.


  • Metamorphosis: Gemini can reconfigure her body to resemble any person or animal of her choosing. When she morphs into a different animal shape, she also adopts the physical capabilities specific to each animal, including enhanced strength, flight, etc.
    • Elasticity: As an application of her shape-shifting talents, Gemini can also extend her limbs and body in much the same way that her late mother could.
    • Rubber Physiology: Gemini's body appears to be comprised of a soft rubber like substance, granting her resistance to injury.[1]


  • Mimicry: In addition to her powers, Gemini can also perfectly imitate another's voice.



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